Warehousing & Storage

Operating Capabilities

As an owner and operator of over half a million square feet of operating space, we understand the complexities of warehousing. Our facilities operate within the UniGroup network and offer a wide variety of services. Our specialty focus is on handling and warehousing products which are large, big, bulky and especially those which are fragile and high value.

Pallet Racking
Cantilever Racking
Carpet Racking & Carpet Poles
Order Pickers, Reach Trucks & Forklifts
Floor Storage
Security, Fenced and Monitored Storage
Warehouse Management System

With clients in many different industries and verticals we have developed a robust WMS to support the collection and management of all client centric information. From Master Item information to nested and internal quantities we are able to ensure that your inventory is accurate, recieved with full accountability and shipped as requested.

28 Supported Barcoding Formats
EDI & API Supported Transactions
Web Portal Access
Online Photo and Inventory Details
Inbound Notifications
Outbound Notifications
Core Commodities

While our facilities are designed to support a wide variety of commodities there several in which we maintain a core focus. While many of our clients do operate in parcel and small packages we are not a "Bin" based or small parcel processing facility. Our small package and parcel services are generally requested and used by clients who also have commodities which small parcel facilities do not support. Below are the most common commodities we focus on.

Medical Equipment
Electronics & Telecommunications Equipment
Furniture & Fixtures
Carpet and Pole Loaded Bags & Bundles
Paper and Rolled Products