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Experts at Interstate Transportation

Our team at CMS Logistics can handle your Interstate needs no matter how large or small. From our domestic fleet with United & Mayflower to our contract brokerage department, we have the ability to source the most effective methods of transportation for your shipments. LTL Blanketwrap Inside Service, Dock to Dock Truck Loads, and many other methods of transportation are offered to accurately meet your pricing and handling needs.

United & Mayflower Air-Ride Service
  • Blanketwrap, Carton or Palletized
  • 53' Truckload or Less Than Truck Load (TL/LTL)
  • Full Decking, Straps, Dollies, Ramps and Van Equipment
  • Dock or Liftgate Service for Pickup & Delivery
    Liftgates Rated to 3500lbs
  • Driver Only or Crew Sizes as needed
  • Local Service with Box Trucks as Req.
Brokerage Services
  • Truckloads - 45' to 53' Air-Ride Dry Vans
  • Common Ground Freight
  • Dock or Ground Service

Photographic Equipment
Does your carrier coordinate pickups and/or deliveries with your lab technicians? From Mall locations with time restrictions to small portrait and camera stores, our team has managed thousands of shipments around the country. We can handle everything from the removal of counters to simple pickups. Don't worry, we know what a QSS 3001 Triple Mag is!

Medical Equipment
Starting with Small Ultrasound Units all the way to Linear Accelerators and MRI Machines, we have the experience to safely transport your equipment. Everyday we pickup and deliver into Regional Hospitals and small clinics across the country. We ensure your product is properly blanketwrapped and secured during transit to minimize packaging requirements. Our drivers and local warehouses make pre-calls to your doctor's office and/or receiving dept. to properly schedule your service and ensure a prompt and convenient pickup or delivery!

Server & Sensitive Electronics
We have moved full Data Centers and single server racks for some of the countries largest technology providers. Our staff from drivers to coordinators have the experience required for your shipment. So if you are going into a Police Forensic Unit or a TSA Airport Screening Area, It's No problem, we have been there and we are excited to demonstrate our experience.

Fitness Equipment
With our inside service we can pickup or deliver your equipment into a residence or a local fitness club! Our fleet offers services for single unit deliveries and full scale consolidations for new locations. Are you returning refurbished units or sending out replacements? We have the tools required to make inside deliveries and pickups before or after fitness club hours!

Trade Shows & Exhibits
Our logistics coordinators work one on one with a full team of Trade show planners at our Corporate office. We have show codes for all of the major trade shows around the country and we are experts at delivering and returning your trade show products ON TIME! We work with Drayage firms and Convention Centers to ensure a smooth service during what can be a very critical time frame for our customers. "Trust our Experts at Delivering your Display without Delay!"

Fixtures and Display
Our transportation offering for the Fixture and Display industry is serviced primarily through our Blanketwrap Division. We are well versed in properly handling, wrapping and transporting your delicate Fixtures and Displays. We offer services into both Retail Locations and Commercial Businesses, Strip Malls, Downtown Shopping Centers and even Airports. In a business where showcasing products is everything, trust our Fixtures Team, We will deliver!

Kiosks and 4th Wall Products
Do your products deliver into Chain Stores? Does your carrier know what the 4th wall is and how to coordinate a smooth pick up and delivery from this often busy section of a store? We offer a team of coordinators that work daily with your team planning and managing the project with Corporate Chain Stores and the end Retail Locations. With service locations in every major metro area of the United States, we are positioned to make your Roll Out or Roll Back a Smooth Operation!

Our trusted team of professionals can ensure that your product arrives safe and On Time!

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